Edward Carnell Managing Director

As a young management trainee, Edward joined British Gas on their fast-track management programme. He left to pursue a more commercial role with Rentokil, and won the UK Chief Executives’ award in his first year. He was headhunted to develop a unique alternative to Royal Mail products, specifically tailored for the optical and travel markets.

While working with the travel industry, he noticed a significant gap in the same-day delivery market. He set up the now-renowned City Post Network, a unique emergency one-hour delivery system. As the introduction of electronic ticketing began to take hold, he saw a further opportunity to produce the first integrated passport, visa and courier product in the UK, and Visa Swift was born.

As experts in logistics, the company was well placed to produce the country's first electronic visa-booking system, complete with automated booking and online tracking. This technology rapidly pushed the market forward. Visa Swift now has four tailored applications, encompassing the whole of the travel market.

In the last three years, the company has been instrumental in pulling together and forming the new worldwide alliance which now operates under the PVS Global banner. This alliance allows PVS to offer full support to its customers in more regions and more locations than any other visa company globally.

Visa Swift now sits as the largest independently-owned passport and visa firm in the UK, and as the lead partner in Europe. Edward is looking forward to taking the company even further and establishing PVS Global Alliance as the main processing platform for passports and visas worldwide.

Steve Peet Operations Manager

Steve has worked across several areas of the business during his time with Visa Swift. His current role sees him controlling the logistics of the organisation, and he is also responsible for ensuring all client requirements and deadlines are met.

Andrew Wrensch Head Of Sales & Marketing

South African-born Andrew has worked in sales, marketing and business development for eleven years, having previously been employed in the banking and logistics industry. As well as managing our sales team, he spearheads the Visa Swift website, marketing, brand and the launch of our first visa app.

Namita Kukadia Office Assistant Manager

Namita has over ten years experience in the visa industry, and has previously worked at both the High Commission of India and the Spanish Embassy in the UK. She specialises in processing visas worldwide, often on a very tight deadline, and has a vast knowledge of embassy procedures and guidelines.

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