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The Team

Edward Carnell
Managing Director

24 year background in groundbreaking logistical solutions, creator of the unique City & International Network solution introduced into the city 10 years ago.

VisaSwift is a highly exciting product for us; the team of visa professionals we have behind us is simply the best there is; each of them have been hand picked to deliver that extra level of service.

With our infrastructure and experience we are able to deal with any situation that arises. We offer a reliable strong and robust service in an area of business, which has always been fraught with ever changing passport requirements and differing delivery service levels.

Visa Swift is a much needed service in a sensitive, complex, and time consuming area of business travel.

Our integrated approach gives us a total edge that enables us to completely support the fastest processing of these very sensitive documents. Simply making us the obvious choice for passport processing and delivery.

Edward Carnell

Kelly Dulieu
Administration Manager

Kelly provides administration support to both clients and the VisaSwift team. Kelly is customer focused and can be relied upon to solve any customer queries.

Kelly Delieu

T: 0207 079 2520
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